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3 Steps to Make a Tough Transition Manageable and... *gasp*  Fun!

Free Webinar

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 | 5:00 – 6:30 PM PST

Getting Ready for College 
with a Health Condition

Headshot of Bonnie smiling warmly in front of houseplants. She's a mid-30s white woman with light skin, freckles, blue eyes, and golden brown hair. She's wearing a tropical yellow green blazer and you can see one aquamarine earing that looks like the inside of an abalone shell.

Presented by Bonnie Prestridge,
Life Coach for Young People with Health Conditions

I help teens and young adults live their best lives with an illness, injury, or other health condition. This includes navigating undergraduate and graduate level education.


I won't sugarcoat it, completing a degree when you have a serious health condition is HARD. It may even feel impossible.


I can't remove all your barriers, but I CAN equip you with skills, strategies, and resources to reduce their impact so that you can be successful and build a fulfilling life.

Who This Webinar is For

Graduate Making Victory Sign
Male Student

Topics We'll Cover

Lecture Room
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What to expect...

Ever been to a webinar where the presenter just drones on and on as your mind slowly melts?


Or the concepts maybe work for other people but don't account for your unique situation?

Or they promise to answer your questions, but only leave 3 hurried minutes at the end?



Not. My. Style.

Expect a lively webinar on concrete knowledge that you can immediately apply to your unique situation.


I’ll engage with your questions throughout the presentation, in addition to dedicated Q&A time at the end.


1 hour and 30 minutes


Automatic closed captions on during the presentation.

A recording and accurate transcript emailed afterwards to anyone who registers.

Visual descriptions throughout for anyone who is blind/low vision, tuning in from a phone, or just needs a break from screen time.

If there's anything else I can do to make this webinar accessible, please reply to your confirmation email and I’ll be in touch!

High Scool Friends

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