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North Stars Podcast

Season 1 | Brains + Bodies

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For our first season, we're talking about how to do life when you have a health condition, disability, and/or neurodivergence. We hope the guests and episodes topics expand your ideas of what's possible and help you get where you're wanting to go. 

Sarah Williams  
Co-Creator + Editor

Sarah is taking on new clients!

If you dream of starting your own podcast and don’t know where to begin, or if you need an audio editor, connect with her at

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Episodes: Where to Listen + Subscribe


Season 1: Brains & Bodies

Episode 1: Why the North Star? (Transcript Currently Not Available)

Episode 2: Whistling While You ADHD

Episode 3: Hardwired To Adapt

Episode 4: Disability Isn't A Dirty Word (Part 1)

Episode 5: Recovery As Resistance (Transcript Will Be Ready by 3/1/24)


Questions, compliments, suggestions, requests, and other musings can be shared via message in a bottle or the general contact form on this page.

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