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  • Bonnie Prestridge

[Resource] How to Make the Most out of a Healthcare Appointment

Updated: May 8, 2021

What this resource is: A checklist of important actions you can take to stay organized and speak up for yourself throughout each of the 5 phases of a healthcare appointment:

  • 1-2 weeks before the appointment (or earlier)

  • 1-2 days before the appointment

  • Day of the appointment

  • During the appointment

  • After the appointment

Didn’t think there were that many things to do for an appointment?

Then this resource is definitely for you!

How it can help: As a coach, I help young people with chronic health conditions develop the knowledge, skills and strategies to take control of their lives and build the future they want. This resource is specifically designed to:

Knowledge: Introduce the concept of being a “self-advocate”

Skills & Strategies: Provide a framework and techniques for

  • Planning ahead

  • Identifying and prioritizing issues that are important to you

  • Establishing expectations and healthy boundaries with providers and caregivers

  • Time management

  • Following through to see something to completion

  • Keeping organized records


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Once you read the checklist, take a look at the following posts for additional guidance:

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Do you want to get better at managing your healthcare and advocating for yourself?

If so, I can help.

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