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Coaching for Teens & Young Adults with Extra Challenges

I help teens and young adults get unstuck and build a life while taming their unique challenges. 


Challenges come in all sizes. From everyday anxiety, to unusual medical issues, to the neurodivergent who feel like misfits or the secretly miserable overachiever who never gives themselves a break.  All young people and all challenges are welcome here. 

Whether your kid has a very unique situation or it’s the everyday stuff holding them back, chances are the typical advice hasn’t worked for them, because they aren’t typical. 

In fact, one-size-fits-all personal development approaches are just rearranging deck chairs for kids that feel different in some way. 

You may have been given plenty of ideas, but don’t know how to apply them consistently. You and your kid may know what to change, but the “how” remains elusive. Or the changes are doable on good days, but when your child has bad days, the process falls apart.

The good news is that meaningful, long-lasting change is absolutely possible. Your child can build a beautiful life on their own terms that works for their unique self.

And coaching can help them do it.


Free Consultation

You'll have a whole entire 45 minutes with me to talk through your unique situation. I'll provide specifics on how coaching can make a difference in your life. And if I can't help, I'll share a suggestion or referral for how to get unstuck from where you currently are. Either way, you'll leave our meeting with more clarity and confidence on what to do next. 

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