Build Your Future

Helping young people with health conditions 
succeed in school, work, and life.

Meet Bonnie

Do any of the following sound familiar?


“My symptoms don't make sense and my doctors don't know what to do. I'm totally lost."


“How will I graduate if I can't do assignments and exams like everyone else?”


“With all my limitations, I have no clue how I’ll ever hold down a job or support myself”


“I’m terrified that no one will ever want to date me.”

If so, you’re in the right place. I’ve been there, I survived, and I can help you make it through.



When I was 17, I began experiencing mysterious health problems that none of my doctors could explain. My symptoms became so severe that I couldn’t go to school, work, or take care of myself. I thought my life was over. However, after years of struggle, I figured out how to get my health under control, live on my own, graduate from UC Berkeley, build a career, date, and have fun again... all before ever receiving a definitive diagnosis or "cure".

You heard me right. You can have a meaningful and fulfilling life, even if your health problems never completely go away.

Now, I am a Certified Coach through the Youth Coaching Institute and have 9+ years of experience empowering young adults to build healthy, fulfilling lives. Through my career as an educator, trainer, supervisor, and now as a coach, I’ve helped young people ages 15-30 — many of whom have disabilities or health conditions — transition into college, the workplace, and adult life.

This combination of personal and professional experience gives me a skill set that few other youth providers have. I’m a life coach, career advisor, researcher, and comrade, all rolled into one.

Transitioning into college, a job, and adult life is hard enough as it is. Add a disability or health condition and it feels impossible. My goal is to be the guide I wish I’d had. The one who gets you, who knows what it’s like, and who can help you put all the pieces together.

Together, we will create a plan to help you take control of your life so that you can have the future you want!


How I Can Help

I blend research, education, and skill-building with traditional life-coaching techniques to help my clients manage their health and reach their goals in school, work, and life. 


Get the education you deserve by learning to:

  • Speak up for yourself

  • Balance school & health

  • Make a plan for after    high school or college 

  • Manage fears & insecurities

Build a career that works with your health needs:​

  • Turn weaknesses into strengths

  • Apply & interview with confidence

  • Boost "productivity"


Live a meaningful life by developing the skills to:

  • Deal with flareups and setbacks

  • Feel more confident

  • Date & make friends

  • Identify services &  products that make life easier

For more details on how coaching works, check out my blog post on the kinds of concrete results clients can achieve through coaching with me.

Also, please note that I am not a licensed medical or mental health provider. I do not diagnose or treat medical or mental health conditions and coaching is not a replacement for that care.


How It Works

My clients are young people, approximately 15 to 30 years old, who have some kind of mysterious or chronic health condition. As creative and resourceful people, they’ve tried many things, but are still “stuck”. They’re looking for a holistic guide who gets what they’re going through and can help them connect all the dots to build a healthy, comfortable, and fulfilling life. My clients refuse to give up, are willing to try new approaches, and take ownership of their role in the coaching process.

With the flexibility to meet through video chat or over the phone, I can work with clients anywhere in the US. 


Full Support 3 Month Program 

  • 12 1-on-1 coaching sessions with client, 60 minutes each

  • 1-on-1 sessions with a parent, partner or other support person, 60 minutes each

  • Text and e-mail support between sessions

Basic 3 Month Program   

  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions with client, 60 minutes each